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Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality: Attracting, Developing and Retaining the Best Teachers

Dec 12 2015

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By James Stronge, Christopher Gareis, and Catherine Little

Attract and retain the highest-quality teachers through competitive compensation programs!

While many working in the teaching profession cite intangible rewards as reasons for staying in the profession, concrete rewards such as salary, benefits, and working conditions are inextricably linked to attracting, developing, and retaining highly-qualified teachers. This timely text examines the fundamental link between teacher pay and teacher quality as well as the extent to which compensation can be aligned with student achievement.

A range of existing compensation models are reviewed in order to provide a balanced, practical, research-based approach for developing a comprehensive, best-practice teacher compensation system. School administrators can use these synthesized, innovative findings to

  • Determine the most practical compensation model for achieving their school’s objectives
  • Examine different pay options used across the country
  • Connect their school’s compensation program to organizational goals
  • Discover how to attract and retain high-quality teachers

Advance student achievement and improve teacher retention by developing a deeper understanding of the connection between teacher pay and teacher quality.

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