AASPA Committees

AASPA Committees

AASPA professional committees are a driving force in the development of new programs and services for members and for school personnel administrators. Through collaboration and initiatives, these dedicated volunteers provide information crucial to advancing the school personnel administrators profession.

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By joining an AASPA committee you’re doing more than volunteering—you’re shaping the future of school HR administration. Active AASPA members are welcome to join any of the following committees.


Membership Committee – The Membership Committee develops both long-term and short-term goals that will continuously support efforts to promote AASPA membership, including assisting with recruitment and retention, and promoting the benefits and services offered by the organization.

Nominating Committee – The Nominations Committee prepares and presents to the Executive Board and to the membership recommendations for candidates for elected positions as association officers and Executive Board members.

Professional Development – The Professional Development Committee develops and monitors a professional development plan for the association; monitors and develops high standards for professional development activities; broadens the association’s role in providing effective professional development activities and programs; makes recommendations regarding a focused training approach.

Scholarship Committee – The Scholarship Committee annually selects the recipient of the AASPA scholarships based on the process and criteria established by the committee; develops, continually monitors and refines the process and criteria for selecting candidates for AASPA scholarships, including the amount of the scholarship awards, financial accounting guidelines for the scholarship awards, and other details regarding the administration of the scholarship program; provides suggestions and ideas for expanding the fundraising opportunities to support annual scholarship awards.

Legislative & Governmental Committee – The Legislative and Governmental Committee monitors and informs AASPA members of pending legislation involving and impacting school personnel initiatives in the United States and Canada, as well as at the international level.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee – The Constitution and Bylaws Committee reviews annually the association’s Constitution and Bylaws to determine whether the purpose and the governance of the association are adequately reflected in the document; prepares amendments to better serve the organizations needs.

Recognitions Committee – The Recognition Committee recognizes contributions of an outstanding nature made by members to the association; recognizes outstanding contributions by members or a school district to school personnel administration; recognizes outstanding contributions made by those outside the association in the area of school personnel administration; recognizes outstanding contributions of AASPA affiliate organizations.

Minority Caucus Committee – The purpose of the Minority Caucus Committee is to serve as the collaborating body for joint action on minority issues of common interest by advocating for the election, appointment, hiring, promotion, and recognition of minorities to positions of influence; and to provide a forum for information exchange and networking.


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If you have questions about participating in any of these committees please contact [email protected].