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Director of Human Resources


Position Open Until: Jul-12-2019

Seaman USD 345
Topeka, Kansas

901 NW Lyman Rd
Topeka, Kansas

JOB GOAL: The Director of Human Resources plans, organizes, and directs a comprehensive personnel program, that supports the vision, mission, and objectives of the board of education’s strategic plan, “Learning Without Limits 2.0.” These job goals include, but are not limited to: recruitment, selection, job classifications, wage and salary administration, employee relations, benefits, and administration of and responsibility for the district workers’ compensation program. The HR Director serves as the principal advisor to the Superintendent regarding labor relations matters and litigation management.


  • Organized
  • Detail oriented
  • Innovative
  • Confidential
  • Systems thinker
  • Policy and procedural focused
  • Highly proficient at employee conflict resolution
  • Exemplary computer and software skills

Administers a comprehensive human resources program for the purpose of maintaining a well-qualified and diverse employee workforce with adequate staffing
Leads the recruitment and hiring of a workforce at all levels of the organization – including substitutes – by developing recruitment materials, visiting college campuses, arranging and attending career fairs, training administrators in recruitment techniques, and planning other recruitment functions
Designs and directs the hiring processes for all licensed and/or classified district employees, in cooperation with the administrators/supervisors for the purposes of assuring consistency throughout the district and ensuring compliance with state and federal law and contractual provisions
Develops/revises district policies and procedures for human resources for the school board’s consideration, for the purpose of assuring consistency throughout the district, and compliance with laws, regulations and collective bargaining agreements
Develops and implements goal areas as defined by the district strategic plan
Provides leadership and training in developing staff evaluation procedures
Coordinates performance assessment of all employees, advises supervisors, oversees processes for tracking notification and receipt of evaluation/probation paperwork, works with appropriate personnel in the development/revision of evaluation procedures and related forms
Administers the district’s collective bargaining agreements, from negotiations through managing the contract, interpreting contract language, processing grievances and supporting administrators in managing the collective bargaining agreements, for the purposes of assuring a high quality staff
Provides training to district administration for the purpose of ensuring that personnel policies and procedures are understood and implemented fairly and appropriately
Supervises the preparation, accurate completion, and timeliness of state and federal reports for the purposes of compliance
Oversees, supervises, and is accountable for management aspects of the human resources department including the evaluation of staff
Advises the Superintendent as a member of the executive cabinet for the purpose of assuring sound and accurate information for decisions
Participates in labor-management meetings and follow-up actions based on labor management discussion/meetings and works proactively to resolve issues before they become formal grievances by utilizing appropriate problem solving and mediation techniques to bring about resolutions
Attends professional learning opportunities for the purposes of keeping his/her professional skills and knowledge current with changing laws and regulations
Develops and maintains a productive working relationship with collective bargaining groups for the purposes of ensuring good employee relationships
Participates in the negotiation process as a member of the district negotiations team, prepares district proposals, drafts contract language, and coordinates meeting dates and times
Works with administrators on employee relations issues including investigations of alleged misconduct and other personnel issues and either completes investigations and/or oversees outside contracted services as appropriate
Acts as the district coordinator for Title IX, FMLA, FLSA, and civil rights compliance and coordinates the Affirmative Action Plan
Acts as the District Compliance Officer and conducts or coordinates investigations into allegations of sexual harassment or other illegal discrimination
Develops and coordinates the on-boarding processes for all new staff for the purpose of assuring consistency throughout the district
Develops and coordinates off-boarding processes when staff leave the district for the purpose of assuring consistency throughout the district
Displays the highest ethical and professional behavior in working with students, parents, school personnel, and outside agencies associated with the school
Protects confidentiality of records and information about staff, and uses discretion when sharing any such information within legal confines

Salary: 79K to 84K
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