In conjunction with Battelle for Kids, build a highly recognized and regarded national HC certification program geared toward individuals who practice and lead people-related work in PK–12 education. This certification would demonstrate that individuals have a:

  • High level of knowledge and skill in HR, specifically in PK–12 education
  • Mastery of essential HR practices as they pertain to PK–12 education
  • Commitment to professional standards
  • Dedication to continued mastery of knowledge and skill through recertification


Human Capital Leaders in Education Standards

  • The HC Leaders in Education Standards were designed specifically for PK‒12 education
  • Focusing on four main sections: Strategic Staffing, Talent Management & Development, Culture & Total Rewards, and Performance Excellence

View a copy of the standards here.


Learning and Recertification Process

Learn: Professional development (64 hrs) based on the HCLE standards. Two learning options:

  1. Blended: in-person and online instruction = 3 days or 21 hrs in person, 43 hrs are online or working virtually with classmates
  2. Virtual Instructor: 64 hours online total = 16hrs are synchronous (scheduled and instructor led) 48 are asynchronous or working with classmates

Certify: Assessment test available – we are exploring an online option as well as a paper-based testing center option.

Recertify: Every three years, individuals will share how they have grown and contributed to the field to gain recertification. The advisory committee is working to outline the ‘rules’ for recertification.

Virtual Instructor Cohort

Our next Virtual Cohort is scheduled for:
September 14th – November 9th / 2 pm to 4 pm ET (Every Thursday)
Virtual Cohort: 64 hours online total = 16hrs are synchronous (scheduled and instructor led), 48 are asynchronous or working with classmates
*Participants must be available for the 2 hour synchronous learning times, registration includes 12-month access to online course

Blended Instructor Cohort

Our Blended Cohort is scheduled for:
September 26th – 28th / 8 am to 4 pm (Each Day) / Marietta, GA
The blended program is three full days (21 hours) of in-person training and includes 43 hours of online virtual class time.

Program Components

pHCLE: Assessment-based certification – Full Roll-Out in 2017

  • Target Audience: Current or aspiring District and Building Leaders, Career Changers, State DOE
  • Participation Requirements: None

eHCLE: Culminating project-based certification – Pilot in 2017/2018

  • Target Audience: Current or aspiring Executives – Superintendents; Assistant Superintendents; Chief HR, Staff, or Strategy; PR or Process Improvement Directors
  • Participation Requirements: pHCLE and experience and/or education requirements (to be defined)

State Endorsements: Roll out in 2017

  • State-led and managed program — go through Endorsement program “approval” process
  • Programs would be marketed on HCLE website, badges available for HCLE certified individuals

Specialist Certificates: Roll out in 2017

  • Allow for continued learning on relevant and timely topics
  • Micro-credentialing/Digital Promise standards for learning and submission of evidence

HCLE Webinar

4-4-17 Human Capital Leaders in Education / Certification Program

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.50.56 PM

Check back for updates on upcoming opportunities in your area.
For more information, please contact [email protected].