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Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders

May 22 2013

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By Randall B. Lindsey, Kikanza Nuri Robins & Raymond D. Terrell

A proven approach for educators dealing with the challenges of diversity- now updated!

Time and time again, proof has been shown that, given a high quality of teaching and nurturing, all children may succeed regardless of IQ, socioeconomic status, neighborhood, and ethnicity. Simply put, teachers and leaders who are well prepared, motivated, and culturally proficient produce high-achieving students. Learn to develop positive, productive responses to the diverse populations in your school and community. The benefits are wide-reaching and impressive: enhanced student ability to learn and teacher ability to teach, students prepared to find their own places in the global community, positive school-community relations, and students prepared for outstanding citizenship. 

Cultural Proficiency, Second Edition, incorporates suggestions and feedback from the authors’ colleagues, readers, clients, and students, resulting in an easier-to-use format and updated features, including 39 structured activities for developing cultural proficiency. With this invaluable resource, you will add the tools of cultural proficiency to your leadership toolkit, as you, your staff, and your students can learn how to: 

Avoid unintentional cultural or ethnic slights 
Understand how historical distrust affects present-day interactions 
Accept that each culture finds some values and behaviors more important than others 
Use the diversity of your school community as an educational resource 
The authors have also taught many organizations how to use the tools of cultural proficiency, including hospitals, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. Moving far beyond an ‘educational trend,’ cultural proficiency has proven to be an effective approach for society at large. 
(Corwin Press, 2003)

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