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Inducting and Mentoring Teachers New to the District

Jun 06 2013

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By Dr. William B. Ribas

Order the one book your newly hired teachers, mentors, principals, and induction coordinators need for the effective hiring and induction of teachers new to your district. Many newly hired teachers, mentor teachers, superintendents, human resources administrators and induction coordinators have attended Ribas’s all day workshops. Now you can order a copy of his new book on the topic of recruiting, hiring, and inducting (with mentoring) new teachers to the district. It is the only book that addresses all facets of your hiring and induction process. It contains all the information districts need to hire and retain the best teachers. Topics include hiring tips, instructions for running district orientation programs and building support teams, mentor training, and training for the teachers you hire in the three areas practitioners find are the leading cause of failure for teachers new to a district (parent–teacher communication, establishing classroom routines, and effective planning).

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