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Supporting New Teachers

Oct 30 2015

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By Lynn F. Howard

Fifty percent of new teachers leave within the first five years of teaching. Why? Surveys cite paperwork, discipline, communication, and feelings of isolation. But exiting teachers say lack of support from the administration, specifically the principal, causes them to leave the profession.

Today’s educational landscape requires administrators to balance management and instructional leadership. While many understand management, creating a supportive environment that builds capacity and fosters positive communication isn’t so intuitive. This guide provides leaders with realistic and simple-to-implement strategies that support new teachers. Every chapter includes:

  • Stories From the Field — features common challenges and practical strategies
  • Administrator’s Role — frames solutions within job function, current trends, and research-based practices
  • Self-Reflection — guides action planning with checklists and worksheets

If leadership makes the difference in keeping new talent, get this guide to stop the new teacher exodus. 

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