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Which Membership is for Me?


AASPA Membership — Which Type is Right for Me?
AASPA membership is for school personnel whose responsibilities include school and district personnel administration; for individuals whose assigned work includes personnel functions in other educational institutions; or individuals involved in teacher testing, placement, educational research, or the preparation of school personnel administrators.

· Active (Individual) Membership: For school system leaders whose responsibilities totally or primarily include school and district personnel administration and individuals whose assigned work includes personnel functions in other educational institutions, including university professors. Full voting and office holding rights. Those eligible for Individual Active membership are practicing public and private school. ($195)

· Support Staff Membership: Support Staff membership is open to any person who engages in, or is associated with human resources functions and is not a school system leader. No office holding or voting rights. ($125)

· Institutional Membership: Provides one primary and three associate memberships for one low cost.  Prime member has full office holding and voting rights. Institutional Associate members have full voting rights but no office holding. ($425)

· Institutional Associate Extra Membership:  Allows you to add additional Institutional Associates to your Institutional membership.  Full voting rights but no office holding. ($75 each)

· Business Membership:  Membership for businesses related to the school personnel industry. No office holding or voting rights. ($195)

· Retired Membership:  Membership for those retired from school personnel. Must have been an AASPA member for one year prior to retirement. No office holding or voting rights. ($55)

· Graduate Student Membership:  Graduate students pursuing an initial degree in the HR field may have AASPA’s valuable school HR resources available to them as they consider their career path in school leadership. No office holding or voting rights. To be eligible for student membership, individuals cannot be practicing public or private school administrators. ($30)

If you are still unsure of which category you fit into, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (913) 327-1222.